Comment on UN Ruling


PR: The UN has ignored evidence and failed families in pushing abortion for severe disabilities

A group representing the majority of Irish families who are told their babies may not live for long after birth have sharply criticised a UN Committee's ruling pushing abortion in these circumstances.

Tracy Harkin of Every Life Counts said that the UN had deliberately ignored the experiences of families who had received great joy and love from carrying their babies to term, and added that it was shameful for the UN to ignore the fact that these children were alive and kicking in the womb, and deserved equal protection and love.

"The language used by the UN reflects the appalling attitude of discrimination which is pushing families towards abortion, and denies them time with their sick babies, time that allows them to make memories and provides a pathway to healing. Our experiences with our children, whether their lives spanned hours, weeks or years, has taught us that abortion solves nothing and brings no comfort to either the baby or the family involved."

"The UN is clearly ignorant of the most recent research and best practice developments in medicine which shows that abortion causes significantly more despair and depression   for women in this situation, and the UN should instead be pressing to protect these very sick babies and provide better care, such as perinatal hospice care, for the families involved", Ms Harkin said.

The Every Life Counts spokeswoman said that it was simply appalling to see the UN use misleading and discriminatory language such as 'fatal foetal abnormality' and to press for abortion on disability grounds. "Surely very sick babies deserve special protection, not abortion'" she said, adding that the case had been brought by international abortion campaigners intent on attacking Ireland's pro-life laws. "They should instead be recognising that Ireland is seeking a compassionate and progressive solution which supports and protects both mother and baby."