How to talk to your child

You may have received a poor diagnosis for your baby. You can’t believe it; you are dazed, confused and unsure how you will cope. To add to all of this, if you have other children you now have to break that news to them as well. How do you do this, you may feel that you want to protect them from the hurt and the pain.  In reality, they will know by you that something is wrong, so telling them in your own time but honestly and senstively is the best approach. There will be tears, hurt and heartache but at least they will know why the their is high emotions and upset and it is less confusing for them. 

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Include them. Children will pick up that something is wrong and will be anxious if they don't know


Be honest. When and if they ask questions about their brother or sister, try to answer as honestly as possible. It may be very hard but they will want to understand. If you don't know the answer, tell them that too.


Let them know you are OK. They will be worried about you. Take photos of you all together. Ask them to draw a picture for the baby and give them little gifts or momentos. Give them a special job. +


Let the school know. Teachers and carers will need to know what is happening so that they can help your child if necessary.


Talk to them. During play sometimes its easier to talk to them and they can proces it and come back and ask more questions later.


Explain your emotions rather than hiding them. Tell them you miss their little brother or sister and that's why you are sad.


Keep to a routine so it doesn't seem chaotic to the child and be patient if they show signs of upset. Something very significant has happened and they need time to deal with it.